Leveraging Live Polls at Meetings

Leveraging Live Polls at Meetings

We’ve all been there. In a class, presentation, or meeting where you prop your head up on your fist and fight the gravity pulling your eyelids shut. It’s a horrible feeling – and it’s a thousand times worse for the person at the front of the room.

Fortunately, evolving technology is working hard to end the presentation-nap struggle: enter live polls.

Companies like Poll Everywhere  and EventMobi use phones, tablets, and computers to allow the audience to engage and participate in the presentation, and force them to keep their eyes open.

Utilizing polling during meetings or classes is not new; if you sit through enough events you are bound to, at some point, have a clicker put into your hand to cast a vote. But the difference with these newer programs is both a lack of hardware – meaning voters use their own phone to text in a vote – and highly customizable question templates that fit seamlessly into a presentation. This makes these applications cost-effective and brand-friendly. A variety of question types ensures that you will get [at least the type of] answers you are looking for during your presentation.

If you’re looking for something to grab your audience’s attention (and keep them mentally immersed and actually logged in to your event), polling software is a great solution. It’s a fun and interesting way to keep participants engaged by promoting active participation and turning their presence into a discernible contribution to your program.