Meet #TeamENA: Susan, Graphic Designer

Meet #TeamENA: Susan, Graphic Designer

When you walk into ENA’s office, Susan is the one in the striped shirt. Read her blog below to find out where she draws creative inspiration, the challenges of designing for a unified brand experience, and where you could find her if she ever won the lottery.

Q: How/where do you find creative inspiration?

A: I find creative inspiration nearly everywhere I go! My friends and family will tell you that watching TV or movie previews with me can be an interesting experience. My wheels are always turning; ideas usually pop into my head while watching anything or even walking down the street. Magazines are also a great place to find inspiration. I usually tear out pages that catch my attention and give me my first thoughts for a project. is a great resource to see what other designers are working on and to get a sense of the latest trends.

Q: What is your biggest challenge when trying to create a unified brand experience when there are so many different moving parts?

A: The biggest challenge when creating a unified brand experience is comparing all the pieces to make sure everything is aligned, such as the colors and font styles. Having a team work on the different parts can result in slight inconsistencies. I like to sit down by myself and look at the various pieces to ensure that everything is the same.

Q: What’s the first thing you would buy if you won the lottery?

A: If I won the lottery, I would buy a ticket for a cruise around the world! It would be awesome to travel to different places around the globe and learn about other people’s cultures.

Q: Describe what it’s like working at ENA in three words. Ready, set, go!

A: Educational, collaborative, forward-thinking

Q: Tell us about a project you are working on.

A: It’s difficult to pick one project to talk about. I’m always working on a variety of great assignments. One that sticks out in my mind is an educational booklet geared toward patients who have a specific disease state. It’s fun, and I am able to be experimental with the layout.