Rob Newland

Rob Nelwand

Managing Partner



Rob has over 13 years of pharmaceutical and consumer marketing experience. As managing partner, Rob provides and encourages exceptional client service, leading the ENA team to execute program success. He is always ready to contribute the next big idea and move on to the next challenge. Rob and his wife have 4 small children under the age of 6, and it seems his title of managing partner doesn’t carry as much weight when he gets home.


  • Pharmaceutical brands, such as BeneFIX®, BIVIGAM®, Nabi-HB®, Levemir®, Diovan®, Femara®, and Lamisil®
  • Therapeutic areas, such as rare and orphan diseases, oncology, bleeding disorders, immune disorders, cardiology, dermatology, hepatitis, and healthcare systems
  • Medical device brands in micro-device systems, cardiovascular, vascular, urology, oncology, and surgical specialties
  • Other areas of expertise, such as technology/software, construction, recreation, nonprofit, and retail