SHREWSBURY, NJ April 23, 2019  /PRNewswire/ — Driving commercial success for companies and patient groups dedicated to serving the rare disease community is the focus of the newly named Rarity Health, headquartered in Shrewsbury, New Jersey. Known formerly as ENA Healthcare Communications, Rarity Health is introducing its new identity to demonstrate the strategic shift it has made toward meeting a clear unmet need in the U.S. and European marketing communications industry.


Drawing on its more than 34 years of experience in serving biotech and pharmaceutical companies in launching new products that treat rare diseases, the Rarity Health team brings deep knowledge of market conditioning, research and analysis, segmentation, medical key opinion leader development, strategic marketing and communication planning and execution, patient organization engagement, and more.


Its proprietary service offering, Rarity Launchpad™, is the premiere, customizable product launch system designed to address the unique complexities of the rare disease therapeutics market. By applying an integrated approach, Rarity Launchpad develops a scientific communication strategy and engages all stakeholders while preparing the market for the launch of a novel therapy.


“The number of new treatments for orphan and super-orphan therapies has been surging in recent years and will continue to do so as new and curative treatments promise the prospect of a better quality of life for patients with these conditions,” said Rarity Health Senior Managing Partner, Ted Newland. “Rare disease patient populations are small when compared to other areas of medicine. Having a deep understanding of how to market successfully in this highly dynamic arena, at each step of a brand’s life cycle, is imperative. Rarity Health brings the expertise and wisdom needed to accomplish exactly that.”


“Our Rarity Launchpad has proven to be a critical component of several of our clients’ long-range commercial strategies,” said Rob Newland, Rarity Health Managing Partner. “Time is of the essence at each step in a product’s life cycle, from the clinical stage through to market launch and post-launch. We bring uncommon strategies and rare disease experience to create solid returns on every investment along the way. Rarity Launchpad provides a highly customizable launch system that takes the complexity out of rare disease product launches while anticipating and delivering on every client need.”


Rarity Health designed Rarity Launchpad to meet the needs of patients, clinicians, and industry in the evolving rare disease pharmaceutical space


About Rare Disease

Most rare disease diagnoses aren’t tracked, but The Genetic and Rare Diseases Information Center estimates that between 25 and 30 million people in the United States live with one or more of over 7,000 types of rare disease. For most of these conditions, there are no available treatments, resulting in significant unmet needs. As the Food and Drug Administration and the biotech and pharmaceutical industries work to increase the availability of and access to therapies for rare diseases, proven marketing strategies that effectively bring these therapeutics to market are imperative.


About Rarity Health

Rarity Health is an independently owned healthcare communications company with a commitment to elevating the voice of rare disease-focused companies and patient groups. Through a deep understanding of the complexities of launching rare disease medicines, Rarity can provide a clear path to securing launch success. Rarity Health employs a patient-centric model, providing inherent buy-in from the disease community to ensure rare launches exceed expectations.


Drawing on more than 34 years of success in the rare disease space, Rarity Health has developed a highly customizable, brand-specific blueprint, Rarity Launchpad, for product launches. We leverage deep market insights, strategy, and science with dynamic creative execution, and innovative digital tactics to serve our clients in the biotech and pharmaceutical industries. From pre-launch to launch and re-launch, it’s rare—well done.



Through strategic, creative, and highly targeted communications, Rarity Health bridges the gap between rare disease healthcare professionals and specialists, and the patients and caregivers they serve. To learn more about how Rarity Health can leverage Rarity Launchpad to develop a creative and engaging experience for your rare disease brand, contact Rob Newland at (732) 576-1519 or


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