Names are important, intentional, and meaningful. The reality was that “ENA” was confusing. People didn’t know how to pronounce it. We were called, “N-AH,” ”EE-nah,” or “C-N-A”. People didn’t understand what we did or focused on. Was the name reflective of our work? No.

Rare disease is omnipresent in the pharmaceutical market in recent years. Agencies are now touting their capabilities in the rare disease space, but we have focused on rare disease for over 30 years. We will continue to represent the underserved—brands, disease states, and patients—who are in need of a voice.

Now, when people hear our name, we won’t have to explain. What we do, what we’ve been doing, is front and center, and our new name represents the essence of the company we have always been.


While all product launches are complex, launches of rare disease therapies offer distinct challenges when compared to more mainstream areas of pharmaceutical marketing. Rarity Health takes the complexity out of rare disease product launches and incorporates a customizable blueprint for launch success developed through 30+ years of rare disease experience. Our Rarity Launchpad develops a scientific and communications strategy, engages all stakeholders while preparing the market for the launch of a novel therapy.


Market Shaping

Market shaping is a critical period that sets the tone for a successful introduction of a brand to the marketplace. Rarity Health shapes the market through KOL development, identification of treatment teams, providing access to scientific data, and establishing a scientific platform for the product.
Some services performed in the pre-launch market shaping phase include:

  • KOL Development
  • Symposia, Posters
  • Response Letters, Review Papers
  • AMCP Dossier Development
  • Training Materials

  • Clinical Messaging Platform
  • Manuscript & Monograph Development
  • Lecture Kits
  • Mechanism of Action Presentations
  • Competitive Intelligence

  • Scientific Communications Planning
  • Publication Strategy & Planning (CMPP certified)
  • Health Economics and Outcomes Research (HEOR)
  • Disease State Education

Engagement & Insights: HCP, Patient/Caregiver, & Advocacy

The insights patients and providers offer will be critical input for designing a launch structure that will serve all stakeholders in the process. Armed with an accurate picture of the obstacles in treating the condition faced by clinicians and patients, marketers can address those needs in the pre-launch development phase.
Some services performed in the pre-launch engagement & insights phase include:

  • Patient Profiling
  • Social listening
  • Advisory Boards: Live and Virtual
  • Speaker Bureau Programs, In-service

  • Patient journey mapping
  • Market Research/Focus Groups
  • Educational Symposia/Dinner Meetings/Workshops
  • Relationship Development & Management

  • Community Communications Strategy
  • Event Management and Engagement
  • Advocacy & Policy Planning


Brand Building

Rarity Health works with your brand team to build the foundation of the outward facing brand including a strategy, messaging, and campaign that resonates with a smaller patient population and the HCPs that treat them.
Some services performed in the launch brand building phase include:

  • Brand Platform
  • Market Insights Gathering
  • Messaging
  • Social Media, Elearning, Web Services, Online Advertising
  • Customer Relationship Marketing

  • Strategy
  • Creative Branding
  • Promotional Education
  • Content Marketing
  • Media Planning

  • Value Proposition/Positioning
  • Campaign Development
  • Digital Marketing
  • Sales Training & Support


Post-launch and Beyond

Post-launch initiatives consist of further brand planning and competitive analysis of the brand. Through metrics evaluation and ROI analysis, we can further refine the messaging and create programs that can create brand impact.
Some services performed in the post-launch growth phase include:

  • Brand Planning
  • Campaign Creative and Message Evolution

  • Market Insights
  • Competitive Intelligence

  • Continuation of:
    • Metrics and ROI Analysis
    • Marketing Programs
    • Digital Promotions & Social Media
    • Advertising & Media
    • Promotional Education
    • Conventions & Live Engagements


We are honored by the pharmaceutical and biotech companies we partner
with and the patients, caregivers, and rare disease communities they impact.
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