Growing Connections
Peer-to-Peer Program


In a collaborative effort, Rarity Health, Pfizer, and the MAGIC Foundation launched the “Growing Connections” initiative to build a supportive community through storytelling for families facing Growth Hormone Deficiency (GHD).


Provide a network of comfort and hope for GHD families, enabling those with successful treatment experiences to share their stories and support newly diagnosed families, thereby increasing awareness and advocacy for children with GHD.

Strategy and Execution

After establishing an advisory board of community caregivers to uncover common challenges and needs, Rarity Health coordinated with Pfizer and the MAGIC Foundation to recruit video participants and engage patients and families in booth activities at the MAGIC Foundation Annual Convention.

  • Materials included a dedicated website, promotional tactics, and bilingual patient/caregiver video stories.
  • Guided Video Technology was used for authentic self-filming, alongside a dedicated website and robust social media content to share these stories.
  • Multilingual tactics and social media posts helped promote awareness and drive attendance.


A stronger sense of support and understanding was discovered through the program’s collection of transformative success stories, significantly impacting the GHD community.